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Rice protein powder (RPP) is a low-antigen protein that does not cause allergic reactions.

RPP is extracted by separation from processing by-products such as broken rice, rice germ, rice bran, and husk.

Its crude protein content is generally 60-68% and its digestible protein content is 56% or more

Making it more bio-efficient and easier to absorb and use than corn, wheat, and other proteins


  • Raw protein: Min 60%
  • Total lipid: Min 5%
  • Ash: Max 5%
  • Total Aflatoxin: Not detected
  • pH: 4-6
  • Fineness (Mesh 0.03mm sieve): Min 99%


Rice protein powder is one of the main nutritional ingredients extracted from rice grains, including eighteen major amino acids.
Used to produce animal feed or food to increase nutritional composition for cats and dogs.

· #Contributes to good digestion support for dogs and cats, no smell when going to the toilet if eating food with rice protein powder

· #Helps reduce hair loss in cats and dogs.
· #Currently, our R&D team is also researching the application of rice protein powder to produce shrimp feed.

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