– Pregelatinized starch is Physically modified starch, it is partially soluble in Cold water.

– Pregelatinized starch is widely used in pharmaceutical because it is bland, odourless and capable of digestion.

– Pregelatinized Starch swell in cold water and therefore reduce time/cost compared with traditional starch paste preparation.

– Pregelatinized starch is widely used as a pharmaceutical aid, especially as a filler-binder.

– Pregelatinized starch greatly endues the compressibility as well as improves the fluidity of the tablets.

– Pregelatinized Starch, having excellent flow properties and bulk density, allow homogenous filling of capsules.

– Pregelatinized food starch used as thickening, texturing and stabilizing agent in cream fillings, canned, sauces, soup mixes, gravies, tomato ketchup, pasty creams, dairy desserts and other food product industries.




Starch : 90% Min

Moisture : 8% max

Ash : 0.3 % max

PH: 5-7

Viscosity : 700 Min

SO2 : 30ppm  max

Whiteness : 75% Min

Fineness : 75% Min

Gelatinization ratio : 90% Min

Impurity : 3% max