3 Outstanding Sustainable Applications of Modified Tapioca Starch: Adhesives


Modified tapioca starch, derived from cassava roots, is gaining prominence across various industrial sectors due to its excellent adhesive properties and environmental friendliness. This versatile ingredient is widely used in the production of iron, steel, metals, briquettes, and mosquito coils. In this article, we will explore the diverse applications of modified tapioca starch in these industries.

What is Modified Tapioca Starch?

Modified tapioca starch is a processed form of tapioca starch, which undergoes chemical, physical, or enzymatic treatments to enhance its adhesive strength, durability, and heat resistance. These modifications enable tapioca starch to meet stringent industrial requirements, making it a highly valuable resource.

Applications in the Iron, Steel, and Metal Industries

In the iron, steel, and metal industries, modified tapioca starch serves as a crucial adhesive agent during manufacturing and processing. Here are some notable benefits:

  1. Enhanced Adhesive Strength: Modified tapioca starch significantly improves the bonding between metal particles, resulting in products with superior durability.
  2. Heat Resistance: Its ability to withstand high temperatures ensures that the adhesive properties remain intact during the manufacturing process.
  3. Eco-Friendly: Free from harmful chemicals, modified tapioca starch is a safe and environmentally friendly choice.

Applications in Briquette Production

Briquettes are compacted blocks made from small particles of iron, steel, or other materials, designed for easy transportation and use. Modified tapioca starch plays a vital role in briquette production:

  1. Effective Binding Agent: It ensures that small particles bind tightly together, creating high-density briquettes that do not easily break.
  2. Cost-Effective Production: Using modified tapioca starch can reduce production costs compared to other binding agents.
  3. Improved Product Quality: The resulting briquettes have a uniform shape and high quality, enhancing their usability and performance.

Applications in Mosquito Coil Manufacturing

Mosquito coils are widely used to repel mosquitoes and insects. Modified tapioca starch is an essential component in the production of mosquito coils due to the following advantages:

  1. Strong Adhesion: It helps bind the various ingredients of mosquito coils, ensuring they remain intact and do not break easily.
  2. Even Burning and Low Smoke: Modified tapioca starch allows mosquito coils to burn evenly with minimal smoke, making them more effective and user-friendly.
  3. Safe for Use: Being free from toxic chemicals, mosquito coils made with modified tapioca starch are safe for human health.


Modified tapioca starch is a vital ingredient with extensive applications in the adhesive industries, particularly in iron, steel, metals, briquettes, and mosquito coils. Its outstanding adhesive strength, heat resistance, and environmental friendliness make it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Abimex Group is proud to offer high-quality modified tapioca starch products that meet the diverse needs of our clients across different sectors.

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