Discover the Versatile Applications and Benefits of Modified Tapioca Starch E1404

We supply Oxidized Starch E1404 which widely used for paper surface sizing in paper industry and fiber sizing in textile industry, etc.
Modified tapioca starch for making paper


Modified tapioca starch E1404, also known as oxidized starch, is a versatile and valuable ingredient used across various industries due to its enhanced functional properties. Derived from tapioca through a controlled oxidation process, E1404 boasts superior thickening, stabilizing, and binding abilities. This starch is widely utilized in the food industry for improving texture, moisture retention, and as a fat replacer. In the pharmaceutical sector, it serves as a binder and disintegrant in tablets. Additionally, E1404 is an essential component in paper and textile industries for surface sizing and textile sizing, respectively. It also finds applications in adhesives and construction materials as an additive. Being biodegradable and derived from a renewable source, E1404 is an environmentally friendly option, promoting sustainability in various industrial processes.

Food Industry Applications

  1. Thickening and Stabilizing Agent: Modified tapioca starch E1404 is ideal for soups, sauces, and gravies due to its ability to form smooth, stable gels that withstand high temperatures and acidic conditions.

  2. Improved Texture in Baked Goods: This starch enhances texture and shelf life by retaining moisture, keeping products like bread, cakes, and pastries soft and fresh longer, and improving dough elasticity.

  3. Fat Replacement: E1404 mimics the mouthfeel of fats in low-fat and reduced-calorie food products, providing a creamy texture without additional calories.

Pharmaceutical Industry

  1. Binder and Filler in Tablets: E1404 ensures active ingredients are held together effectively, resulting in durable tablets that are chemically stable and inert.

  2. Disintegrant: It facilitates quick breakup of tablets for prompt active ingredient release and absorption, crucial for immediate-release tablets.

Paper and Textile Industry

  1. Surface Sizing Agent: In the paper industry, E1404 enhances paper strength and printability, providing resistance to water and ink penetration for sharper prints and a smoother finish.

  2. Textile Sizing: In the textile industry, E1404 improves weaving efficiency by providing a protective coating that reduces yarn breakage, enhancing fabric quality and productivity.

Adhesive Industry

  1. Binder in Adhesives: E1404 offers strong adhesive properties suitable for paper, cardboard, and textiles, enhancing performance and durability.

Construction Industry

  1. Additive in Plaster and Mortar: E1404 improves workability and consistency, enhancing adhesion and setting properties for a smooth, durable finish.

Environmental and Sustainability Benefits

  1. Biodegradable and Renewable Resource: Derived from a natural source, E1404 reduces reliance on non-renewable resources, minimizing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.


The diverse applications of E1404 modified tapioca starch across multiple industries highlight its versatility and importance as a functional ingredient. From improving food textures and extending shelf life to enhancing pharmaceutical, adhesive, and construction materials, E1404 is invaluable in modern manufacturing. As industries seek sustainable and efficient solutions, the demand for modified tapioca starch E1404 is expected to grow, solidifying its role in innovative product development. Understanding the multifaceted applications and benefits of E1404 helps manufacturers and consumers appreciate this remarkable starch, contributing to advancements in technology and sustainability.


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