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Oxidized Starch E1404

Starch can be treated with various oxidants to get oxidized starch, under the effect of the oxidant, the starch molecules occur links glucoside faults, grain structure of starch can be broken at many links so the new starch will normally have shorter chain length.

Oxidized Starch E1404 starch is made by suspending starch with hypochlorite (HCLO or NaCLO) at a temperature lower than the gelatinization temperature. Oxidation causes the molecules in starch to break the glucoside bonds, resulting in the starch structure being broken and shortened.


Characteristics of oxidized starch

  • E1404 has a shorter chain length than natural starch.
  • Oxidation results in a product with stable plasticity, improved whiteness and reduced microbial counts.
  • At high concentration, starch paste has low viscosity, stability, good fluidity and high transparency, the content of carbonyl, carboxyl groups and whiteness increases.
  • The gelatinization temperature is low, the gelatinization is easy, and the starch has high adhesion.
  • Hydrogen bonding also reduces the tendency of starch to degrade. Highly durable both inside and out.
  • The starch gel has high clarity and is soft. Oxidized starches are the best thickening agent for products requiring low hardness gels, this improves stickiness in dough kneading and bread making.
  • Oxidised Starch E1404 creates a good thin film with uniformity, smoothness, less water absorption, high gloss, and better printing ability.
  • Good acid resistance, under low PH conditions, starch properties do not change.

Applications of oxidized starch

With the above characteristics, Oxidized Starch E1404 modified starch is used as a thickener, binder, widely used in the food industry (fried products, confectionery) and the paper industry, including packaging, wrapping, weaving.

  • In the field of food: E1404 is applied to coating products such as fried chicken powder, pre-mixed flour, seasoning…, marshmallow products, chewing gum, Flan cake, Pudding, sponge cake.
  • In the paper and packaging industry: Coated high-grade paper to prevent water, smooth surface, easy to print. In addition, it is also used to apply glue in the production of carton packaging, coating the surface of cartons containing frozen products, etc.
  • Textile industry: Modified starch E1404 is applied in the process of sizing fabric before weaving. This process helps stabilize the fabric, increase stiffness/strength, and reduce mechanical abrasion when weaving.
    Other industries: glue in the production of gypsum ceiling panels.


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