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Cationic starch containing a quaternary amine group will work effectively in alkaline environments with a pH of up to 9, because it is itself always positively charged. Cationic starch containing tertiary amine groups works well only in acidic environments because it needs to use the presence of H+ ions to become cations.

Application of Cationic Starch

In general, cleaved starches (mainly oxidized or enzymatically converted starches) are used for surface gelatinization, while chemically modified starches (cationic, anionic or amphoteric starches) is commonly used in the internal gluing process.
The majority of Cationic Starch is manufactured specifically for use in the paper industry with the following applications:

  • Cationic starch increases the holding capacity of fillers commonly used to provide paper mills to increase the opacity, toughness, and strength of high-grade printing paper, writing paper, and plain paper.
  • Cationic is a highly effective dry fastener (both in terms of quality and competitive price) for printing and packaging paper, tissue paper, etc. It has the effect of increasing the mechanical properties, burst strength and breaking strength of the paper. Amount used: 4 ÷ 10 kgs/ton of pulp, depending on the type of paper.
  • Additive used to strengthen the internal glue in the paper, support the main glue in alkaline, acidic or neutral environments.
  • Cationic starch is also used as a preservative, helping the binding force between fibers and fillers better
  • Improve the smoothness, gloss on the paper surface to make the paper beautiful and the printing process better


The papermaking industry uses starch, as a theological modifier in surface sizing and coating colors. It is important to be able to reduce the amount of chemicals used in the papermaking and surface treatment process, to reduce costs and to make the process even more efficient. By our specialty starches for paper applications, improved recycling of barrier products may be obtained by reduction in the use of synthetic sizing agents.

Corrugation & Packaging

The Corrugating Industry produces a wide range of boxes made from different types of board which go from lightweight micro-flute with multi-wall heavy duty. The boxes provide low-cost, high-performance solutions for packing every imaginable product, including machinery, electrical goods and fruit and vegetables as well as being a medium for providing information and advertising for the contents. While the combination of papers chosen is critical, the adhesive and its application play a vital role in obtaining the best board at the end of the corrugating machine. Our Starch for packaging application diversifies on the basis of its end applications/usage in Tubes, Cones, Gums and Paper Sack.


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