KingKat is now a main product of us. This cat litter is made from completely natural materials only.


Our cat litter is made from tapioca/cassava starch (food grade) so it is completely natural. This is the best choice for your kitties.

The advantage of this litter :

  • Made from Tapioca Starch (food grade). It is safe for both people and cats. Even that they can eat tapioca cat litter.
  • Non-chemical. 99% Dust free.
  • Have a natural flavor of tapioca starch, not artificial flavors.
  • Absorb moisture well, clump up quickly makes it easier to find out and clean cat litter.
  • Dissolve in water, so you just need put the Clumping into the toilet, soak it 15 minutes and flush it away. Or you can throw it in the garden or reuse for planting.
  • Be light white so we can track the health of kitties.