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Distarch phosphate is generated by adjusting the strengthening of cross-linking of the molecular structure of starch. Processing method by cross-linking will add strength to the relatively soft starches, until the pappy mix is cooked to become more constant, firm and unbroken as prolonged cooking time, or high acid degree, or shaken violently.

E1412 distarch phosphate also have the appropriate application in the processing of low pH, high temperature and mutilated by machine.

Features and application:

– Used as a thickening agent in the structure of the processed bread, noodles and pasta products.

– Used as a stabilizing agent connection in plastic food thickener.

– Strengthen the soft powder, the dough is cooked to be more comparable.

Distarch phosphate applications in products: all kinds of noodles, vermicelli noodles, marshmallows, ham, meatballs, fish ball, sausage, etc.


Prepared by treating starch with acetic acid anhydride. The resulting starch is more stable at high temperatures and low pH.

* Properties:
– Compositions: starch acetate and modified tapioca starch with macromolecular hydrophilic groups and low gelatinization temperature.
– The product has high peak and heat viscosity and stable viscosity.
– The paste is transparent, heat-resistant, acid-resistant, and shear force resistant. It is of great elasticity, preferable film-forming ability, stable freezing and thawing property, and stable storage.

Applications: Used in instant noodles, frozen foods, ham, sausage, fish ball…