Cashew nut shell oil

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a. Source
Cashew nut shell oil is the product is pressed from cashew shell. Cashew nut shell oil is the first product obtained after pressing, filtering, distilling and is used as industrial fuel instead of FO oil.

b. Standard
No. Analytical items Unit Results

No. Analytical items Unit Results
1 Moisture % (m/m) 1 max
2 Impurities % (m/m) 1 max
3 Iodine Value G/100g 250 min
4 Gross Calorific Value Kcal/kg 9,500 min
5 Ash content % (m/m) 1 max
6 Density @25’C Kg/L 0.96 max
7 PH  Ph unit 7 min

c. Production process

d. Export market
Recently export markets are also expanded, besides China, South Korea also has EU, Japan ..., in which, China has imported a large amount of cashew nut shell oil from Vietnam to refine many other products. It has a higher economic value than crude oil, including the production of high quality binders, high quality paints, insulating materials, electronic products, friction mats in brake pads. ...

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