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CATIONIC which is a type of modified starch carries a formal positive charge over entire pH range, creating their affinity towards negatively charged substrates such as cellulose fibers and some synthetic fibers.
– It is widely used by the paper manufacturer to increase the strength and retention.
Cationic starch apparently improves the retention of fillers. The fillers such titan dioxide, clay, talc and calcium carbonate are frequently incorporated with the furnish of a paper machine to improve the opacity of high grade of fine paper and light weight paper.
When filler retention rate increases, paper sheet tends to lose the strength and stiffness because the filler reduces the bond of fiber to fiber.
– Cationic charged starch can improve both the strength properties
and retention of fillers. Thus it also helps to reduce BOD and COD in the white water.
Besides that, cationic starch also improves the drainage at the forming section, sheet formation and efficiency of sizing chemicals in paper